Carrying Bear Cannisters - McHale Bear Can Straps $35.00

Have you been thinking of ways to carry your bear cannister? We have a number of packs designed for them, but some of the wider models of canister like the Expedition Bearicade can be strapped under our summit flaps, and fannypack top pockets. The more recent fannypack tops have 4 hardware loops underneath that straps can run through. We make a special set of 'pulley velcro' urethane treated straps ( $35.00/pair ) that anchor the Can positively to the underside of the lid so there are no hassles with the Canister slipping out and away. Just leave a section of the pack below the lid empty and there you go. Below: A Bear Vault brand cannister lashed under a summit flap just for demonstration - fits so well you'd think it was designed to be there! Our bayonet packs carry cannisters well.

Below; Velcro straps in action and top flap flipped open. Expedition Bearicade canister shown

Below: An Expedition Bearicade being carried outside of a S-Sarc P&G. Above: Bearicade strap detail - click images. Scroll down this page.

Carrying a Cannister outside of a pack and under the lid has it's advantages if done well. What makes the system above work well are the dedicated velcro pulley straps mounted to the front and rear of the top pocket - they are not ordinary accessory straps. The straps are mounted on one side of the pocket, go over the cannister, and then through a 'pulley' buckle on the other side of the cannister and then are pulled and cinched and velcroed down. The straps cannot slip and the whole setup is very stable. With this system, the cannisters contents can be very easily accessed. By simply flipping the cannister forward, the pack can be accessed. The blue strap that holds the lid and cannister down in place is run through the highest loop possible on the packs daisy chains in order to push the cannister forward up against the packs frame.