Critical Mass Alpine II - Grid, X Grid, and conventional fabrics.

Volume Profile: upper 43.25" - mid 44" - bottom 46" This pack has a similar volume to an UnLtd S-Sarc+2 except that it is taller, has a larger sleeping bag compartment, and is capable of carrying even more weight.

CM Packs are no Longer available as 100% Full Spectra - partial add-ons only.



Applications/use: By any standard this is a big pack but we make it in 3 versions to accommodate different body types. A small woman might want to narrow the harness side and taper the bag. The medium volume version would have a regular width harness side with a tapered bag. The largest is a regular harness/untapered bag. The S-CMII is actually an even wider harness panel, 1.5" wider, that helps to accomodate the larger pelvises of larger taller people. Sounds complicated, but we get you through it pretty fast.

This volume of pack is for carrying 'traditional' backpacking or climbing loads where long term comfort is a priority.

Price: $1295.00

Most people tell us they can carry more weight more confortably than they thought they could after getting one of our packs. Makes 60 lbs a pleasure and can handle whatever you train for. Below: Dyed Full Spectra

Base price $1295.00

Adding more Full Spectra to pack orders starts with adding it for shoulder pads, kangaroo pockets...... We figure Spectra costs simply on a per square inch formula - shoulder pads are $75.00, kangaroo pocket $75.00 - add whatever you would like.

Below; Blends of white full spectra and grids are popular also. Click on this S-CMII for a blowup.

Average Volume
5,000-5,500 cu.in.
with bayonets out 2,500-4,000 cu.in.

Extended Volume
6,000+ cu.in. with extension skirt.

Harness Type

Zipper Access

Minimum Pack Weight
(fabric choices)

lbs with all ultralight features

Pack shown below:

Green Dyneema Grid upper - Green 420/840 lower

Price for standard fabrics: includes all Grid fabrics.
$1239.00 Includes; custom fitting and demoing, detachable water bottle/wand pockets (for easy repair and replacement), hip pack top (or 2 layer summit top), modular lumbar pad, removable back vent, velcro axe/walking pole loops, removable compression straps.



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Above: A Full Spectra CM II made to be as light as possible.This fabric is the toughest and most failsafe for its weight and the choice of people that need extreme durability. Fabric can be custom dyed. Below: A Dyed Full Spectra CMII. Click image for blowup. Also, see Summit Flap Bladder Holder Page

Below: With the upper frame stay 'Bayonets' removed, lid and lid straps removed and in roll top summit or daypack mode. This pack was actually made for a woman in New Mexico, so it's on the shorter side and a bit lighter than an average men's fit. In daypack mode below as pictured, with back vent still on, it weighs 4.5 lbs. Without the vent and water pockets it is 3 lb., 15 oz. In full mode with everything attached in upper photo it is 5.5 lbs.

Below: Below, a CM Grid ripstop.

with summit flap top

Pack with bayonets pulled and pack rolled down under summit flap