MB CM2...Volume Profile: upper 46" - mid 47" - bottom 48"

CM Packs are no Longer available as 100% Full Spectra - partial addons only.


This is the middle big pack (middle bag size ) of the 3 biggest packs! How's that for fine tuning? Beginning with the CMII The packs increase progressively in size by one inch of circumference. We can help you decide. This truly is a big EXPEDTION pack. Like the other CM packs, the MB is untouchable in load carrying capabilities. 3rd pack photo below: A Dyed Full Spectra MB-CMII. Click image for blowup.

Below: Top Loader / Panel Loader with releasable protector daypack pocket covering opening. Click images.


MB CMII Price - standard fabrics: $1295.00


I just got back from the trip that my MB CM II was built for. Before the trip, I made a few minor adjustments to the stays, and after that no fiddling was necessary. The pack performed above and beyond my expectations. With my old pack, carrying anything above 50 lbs would wreck my shoulders by the end of the day. In contrast, I was able to carry 80+ lbs (3 bear cannisters, camping gear and climbing gear) in the MB CM II for up to 13 hours in heavy brush and through lots of talus without any shoulder pain or collarbone soreness. After living out of the pack for more than 3 weeks, it becomes very clear how well thought out your design is, and the attention to detail is appreciated.

Regards, Yoav

Average Summit Sack Volume
3,000 (cu. in.)

Extended Volume
7,500 (cu. in.)

Harness Type

Zipper Access

Minimum Pack Weight
(fabric choices)


Base Price w/standard fabrics including dyneema grid:

$1295.00 - includes all Grid fabrics heavy or light, Full Spectra bottom areas, Lg or XLG water bottle pockets, lg hip pack top and Kangaroo pocket, and all compression features like double roll-top, and clamshell bottom.












Above: An MB CM II made of Grid Fabric (this 'small' grid fabric no longer available) with Kangaroo pocket and extended Full Spectra bottom . Click image for enlargement. Below: from the right

below: A dyed Full Spectra MB-CMII

Below: An MB with Bayonet Frame extension removed and pack rolled down ready for the summit or side trip ( no blowup ).