UnLtd Super Sarc - P& G Bayonet

This series will be the MEGA packs of our ultralights - High Volume - High Altitude

Circumference profile of + One: 43 / 43/ 43, profile of +2: 44 / 44 / 44



Light Packing, medium packing, heavy packing, or Alpine climbing, Expedition use - this is a versatile pack. Click UnLtd +2 image below for blow-up.

Volume: +2 bag only - no pockets
4,800+ (cu. in.) Extension skirt is optional for more volume or extended Roll-top. 4,800 cuin volume does not include extension skirt. Volumes are variable depending on calculation methods

Extended Volume with extension skirt: 5,500+ cuin. Volumes vary with circumference

The UnLtd S-Sarc at right is a +2 with a full extension skirt, oversize kangaroo pocket, and oversize hip-pack top with bladder holder, which doubles as an extra clothing holder, 2 water bottle pockets, hipbelt pocket, and at 7,000 cuin weighs only 5.5 lbs. In different versions of 'summit mode' it is much lighter. The oversize hip-pack alone weighs 13 oz. Removing the the hip-pack puts it in role-top mode and it's 4 lbs 11 oz.......and fully capable of 70 lb. loads. The 4lb. 11 oz, weight even includes heavy duty stays so the sky is the limit when it comes to making these a bit lighter.

Choose which parts you want made from Full Dyneema to save money. The Main Pack bag rear panel would be the starting piece at $80.00. Pack below is an UnLtd +1 made of dyed Full Dyneema. Click image for blowup.

Larger volume packs are available for Larger Mountains and larger people! The best way to bump the volume of one of these is with a set of our Super cargo pockets or an increase in circumference. Below: An UnLtd+2 for a short person. Add $25.00 for a dyed Dyneema Kangaroo to regular price. Click for blowup. This pack also has 2 layer water bottle pockets. As shown, its 5,000+ cubic inches weighs 4.5 lbs. This includes a bungy system on top of the 2 layer summit, and a bladder carrier underneath. The Kangaroo is also 2" larger in circumference than the standard. It also has extra velcro pole/axe loops.

Harness Type
Guide convertible to P & G Bayonets

Zipper Access - optional - trade for Kangaroo

Minimum Pack Weight -2.75 lbs. stripped in roll top mode with lighest stays and subpop compression cord system.

Price: $659.00 for +1 with Roll Top closure and hip pack top, or double layer flap top. Double layer flap tops are $42.00 separately. Packs comes with water bottle pockets, velcro on back vent, hip pack top, and optional extension skirt.

For each inch of circumference over 43" add $20.00 per inch. An UnLtd S-Sarc with a plus 2" circumference is $679.00, a +3 $699.00. The larger versions include stiffer stronger frames and larger Hip-pack top pockets - all lower main-frames are adjustable in length by 1.75"

Scroll down for photos.

Below: Full Spectra Shoulder pads - have a very supple non-abrasive feel against bare skin, adjust on clothing without dragging, accentuate the Bypass system, and are rodent proof - $35.00

Full Spectra reinforcing rim and bottom $39.00

Single layer summit flap - $18.00

Below: Double pocket wand pockets. Please add $10.00 for these custom pouches. Pack come equiped with the single-layer pocket that can hold 64 oz. Gatorade bottles.


Above: with EXP shovel pocket, hip-pack top, belt pouch, attached. Click photo for blow-up. See Summit Flap bladder holders - click

Below: Detail of bottom end of shovel utility pocket. It will expand as much as needed drawsting draws inside of pocket through water drain holes. Click photo for spectra bottom detail also.

Below: Full Bungy version. Bungy adjustments are inside the pouch and pass through grommetted drain type holes. Shoulder straps for summit sack models will attach in the same way - through grommet holes. Pocket in this photo is easily holding an Integral Designs Primaloft jacket, a Lowe W/B parka, and a Merino Icebreaker pullover!

Below: Our latest hipbelt/frame connector strap that locks with a cam buckle. Previous models were fitted with a velcro strap. Releasing the cam has the effect of providing a frame adjustment toward the shorter side by about 3/4" to 1" depending on the load. The belt can shift upward in relation to the frame when the strap is released. Prior models were fit longer to compensate for belt shift. Q-Bayonet does same thing on newest packs. Cam strap adds stability.

Similar UnLtd below but with a sewn Kangaroo pocket and 2 layer summit flap. Removable ski guard panels are mounted on sides.

Above: Full pack with full frame in - spectra bottom and harness. Below: Rear side

Above: Rear view. This example has a Full Spectra bottom and covered Kangaroo pocket - Kangaroo closes with bungy cord as well. Flap can be set out of the way inside pocker as well. Below: Harness side. Ski-guard panels shown on side. Full Spectra shoulder pads also.

Above: A taller lumbar pad, external removable back padding, and larger volume are some of the features that make this different than the standard S-Sarc. Below: The frame extension pulled and the pack shortened to shoulder level and the lower main frame. Notice that the upper stabilizer straps have been removed and taken out of the Bypass tubes on the front of the shoulder pads. They can be left on the pack as well.

Below: Bayos out - rear view.

Below: In lightest rolltop mode with lid and lidstraps removed. This actual pack, as is, weighs 3 lbs. 7 oz