S-CM II - Super Critical Mass II

Volume profile: upper 44.75" - mid 46" - bottom 47 +"


Applications/Use: Expedtion/Long trip unsupported Backpacking and Climbing.


CM Packs are no Longer available as 100% Full Spectra - partial addons only.

We hear it all the time - about how our packs are expensive. The funny thing is that is comes many times from people that need a really good pack! Heavy loads mean a pack has to be exceptionally well made to withstand the stresses of heavy loads. McHale packs can take anything. All packs are not created equally! Then there's the Bypass Harness. By itself this feature makes the extra cost of a McHale Pack worth it. Don't settle for mass production when you can get this for just a bit more! Then there's the Bayonet, Super strong CM frame......the list goes on. You don't have to buy a McHale Pack, but if you don't, you do have to buy something else!

Below: The same pack w/ the upper frame removed and pockets stripped off - rolltop daypack mode....

Above: A new (2012) Full Spectra Super CMII

Below: Camo green 500 Cordura with a Full Spectra bottom.

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Base Price for normal fabrics; Grids and X Grid, 420 HT, Cordura - $1295.00

The pack at right is shown with the accessory Summit Flap attached. Pack comes with a Hip Pack top that can be traded for a 2 layer zippered summit flap. Oversize water bottle/utility pockets included - 64 oz. bottle shown!

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Scroll for a larger image of the S-CMII above.

The widely spaced daisy chains accept shovel pockets and other accessories without extra hardware being sewn to the pack and the compression straps end up being shorter and lighter. This pack is big enough without the secondary extension skirt so customers usually have it made without. The official weight of our ultralight packs is calibrated with the Summit Flap on as in the photo right. It is even lighter in roll-top mode without the lid and straps. This pack is big and versatile and very effecient weightwise for what it can carry. McHale Expedition packs are among the lightest in their category.

Average Volume
6,000+ (cu. in.) with standard Bayonet model ( no secondary extension skirt ).

Extended Volume w/optional extension collar on Bayonet model
7,000 (cu. in.)

Harness Type

Zipper Access

Minimum Pack Weight
under 5 lbs. w/ dyneema small grid fabrics or Full Dyneema

Gray and black 420 model at top of page 6 lbs w/ summit flap top. (can easily carry 70 to over 100lb. loads)

Base price w/standard fabrics including small grid:
Includes Hip-Pack top pocket, Large removable water bottle pockets and sewn Kangaroo Pocket.

The ultralight S-CM2 is so light and compact in it's shortened mode your friends won't know it's the same pack, and you'll be surprised at how much weight it can carry as a summit/side trip pack.

Add $75.00 for full Spectra shoulder pads or $49.00 for partial.


Above right - gray pack:

The S-CM2 is so compact in it's shortened mode your friends won't know it's the same pack, and you'll be surprised at how much weight it can carry as a summit/side trip pack.


Although this pack made in this 420 'New Grey' color is not ultralight, it is still lighter than many packs in it's class, especially when performance is considered. Lower half is 420 Black and bottom oval is 630 Black.

Above: The harness side. To give some idea of the size of the water bottle pockets and pack those are 64 oz. Gatorade bottles! Below: With the Bayonets out the packs quickly shrinks to a summit or side trip pack.


Below: A Super CMII made of an OD type color 500 Cordura, X grid, and Full Spectra. Below that, the same pack stripped and shortened.