A tent from the past anyway ! We no longer sell tents. We were an Integral Designs dealer for many years......see below

History does repeat itself - it's almost as if there's a parallel universe. Below is an example of this. This nice blast from the past single hoop floorless tent is 50" tall and the baseline from pole end to pole end is 8' 10" and it weighs 3 lbs. The most interesting part is that it was made by Mtn Hardware in the 80s - a different Mountain Hardware than the current one. Click left image for enlargement. Note: I was just notified ( 9/16/10 ) Hardware is spelled Hardwear for both companies. I may not have noticed because this company did make hardware also; They were the inventors of the climbers' expandable Tube Chocks for wide cracks. See: http://www.alpinist.com/doc/ALP23/tool-users-big-bro. Nevertheless, the tent design has repeated itself. Integral Designs is at least one company that currently has a similar design.

The tents I use: I have several of these. They seem to be all I ever use and I have not felt compelled to get anything else for about 20 years now; Integral Designs MKI XLs and MK 3s. To keep them light and versatile I order them with small double doors and light floors and use carbon poles when it makes sense. Below, an MKI XL. I'm still looking for replacements for these currently......