McHale & Company has won many avid followers, especially in the Northwest, where the packs are well known. Here is a small sampling of what our customers have to say below: Click on Customer Gallery .



It's been with me over a year now, and I've been meaning to drop you a line of thanks. I have over a month of trail days and I've used each configuration with a range of weights. I've used it with and without each lid, as a daypack with bayonets removed ranging out from a basecamp, and using the lid as a summit pack (and a pillow).

It's everything I hoped for. At up to 40 pounds, I hardly know it's there. Pushing up to 55 pounds starts to be real work, but without the sort of discomfort I used to endure. It seems to require far less adjustment on the go, too. Once I get saddled up, it pretty much stays where I set it and corrections over the course of the day are small and straightforward. The hipbelt and bypass harness work as well for me in practice as I thought they might. The hipbelt pockets are incredibly handy. Having that much volume available for instant access on the go saves a lot of time and energy, especially on things like switching out glasses to read the map, or pulling out binoculars, camera or GPS. The only test it hasn't faced yet is prolonged heavy rain. It seems pretty immune to downpours up to a couple hours.

I appreciate the expertise and effort that went into it and I'm grateful for the opportunity to get a pack that fits my unusual dimensions and my particular needs.

Thanks again,



Hi Dan,

I know you've heard it many times before but I'm amazed at the weight distribution to my hips of the LBP 38 you built for me. Love it! I had just short of a 30 lb load on my trip this past weekend, so I didn't need to use the P&G. There was essentially no weight/stress on my shoulders. I've never felt anything like it. I think I took it off 3 times in 11 hours of hiking. Amazing difference.

Thanks very much and I hope all is well with you.

Jeff Whynot


Hi Dan

I finished the JMT on 9/7/11—started on 8/19/11. The pack worked very well! I used the short frame with the bayonets since my load was usually between 30-35 lbs. the only heavy load was after my resupply at the MTR when the pack weighed over 40 lbs—8-9 days worth of food. This pack felt the best of any other pack I have worn on either short or long trips.

Jerry G, Cincinnati, Ohio



Hi Dan

I am back in Colorado after a couple of weeks in the Chugach Mountains, skimountaineering. That was the first real test of the Super-sarc +1, you made me 6 months ago. The pack is amazing. It carries WAY better than any other pack I have used. And I have used alot of them.

The kangaroo pouch is very convenient, perfect for skins. The double summit flap's size was a bonus.

The pack is so LIGHT and VERSATILE so I don't know how to justify one of your smaller packs now? :)

Jonas Tufvesson


Hey Dan,

We just finished our Mt Sanford climb and I just wanted to thank you again
for rushing my pack and for doing such a great job with it! I have never
worn a pack that carried so well. Everything I have heard about your packs
is true!

Cheers, Chadwick


Dear Dan,
So the Wapta Traverse, BC went great. My guide, who was a weight Nazi, took off all of the bells and whistles off the back, leaving The Pack, no ski pads, no pockets, nada. First night at a hut, one of the 4 other people, before he even got his coat off (and it was late and snowy) asked if it was a McHale pack. Very high status, nice extra you didn't charge for. I never noticed the pack, not for one minute, not the whole trip. My girlfriend complained about her pack the whole time. By the middle of the trip, even the guides were getting a little interested, since clearly I should have been having a lot more trouble with my pack, given my general state of being. They were VERY suspect, but grudgingly admitted that there might be something to it, although they still said they'd go for custom hiking boots before a custom pack.

Jane F




Hi Dan,

Mike is currently hiking the CDT with his McHale pack. You also built a pack for me, and I've been meaning to thank you for it. I hiked the PCT last year and it was my absolute favorite piece of gear. Hands down. I had no chafing or pain anywhere. I've never had a pack where I didn't dread hoisting it on my back in the morning because of the pain. THANK YOU!!



Hi Dan,

Now that I have been able to use my pack a fair amount this summer I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how it's worked.

In a word, awesome.

Extremely comfortable, well thought out, easy to use, and incredibly durable. A couple highlights are that I carried 40 pounds or so up to Snowking Lake, which if you have been there you may know that it's a grind. The pack was comfortable and balanced and literally I had no desire to take it off during rest breaks. (With the bladder holder, I had no need to.) We took a day trip up to Cyclone Lake which is a 1000 foot steep scramble over rock and brush. I took the bayonets out and it worked great with the smaller load. Again balanced and comfortable. The fanny pack works great, too.

I recently made a shorter cross country climb to an unnamed lake and carried 60 pounds and I didn't notice the extra weight. It is amazing to me how comfortable the pack was even with 60 pounds. I can't believe I suffered so long with my old back because I couldn't find an internal frame pack that felt balanced and comfortable. I wish I had found you 20 years earlier.

Dan, you make a great pack!



Hey Dan,

Hope you’re doing well.
I’ve been traveling almost constantly since I got the CM pack...wanted you to know it’s kickass...hauls the heavy & unwieldy photo gear comfortably, and it worked great as a large daypack on a 20-mile hike in the Tetons, mostly carrying water on that one. The big back vent/padding has been nice in the hot weather. It’s a brilliant piece of design, materials, and workmanship...worth every penny.

Best Wishes, Jim


Hi Dan,

Got to spend some quality time with the new pack this weekend! Really
fantastic! I'm not carrying much of a load with it this time of the year due
to the warm weather... only about 30 lbs, but it was very comfortable and
extremely versatile.

Thanks for making such a great piece of gear!




I still find it amazing how well my Critical Mass II carries 70-80 lbs
as comfortably as other packs carry 50- 60. Heck, this last summer I
ran 72 lbs from white river to glacier basin (uphill) in 56 minutes
with your pack. On another trip I took 70lbs to camp Muire in 2.5
hours, it felt like I was hauling 50. My favorite was my high end
test that got me thrown out of my gym for the day last year. I loaded
110lbs of gear and water into the same pack and went to the gym. I
simulated an approach on a treadmill (4 miles, 7%-10% grade, @3mph)
then went on a stairmaster. The gym owner threw me off the machines
because he said I was being too hard on them. The pack was great even
with 110lbs.

I can't wait to try out this other pack with 50-60lbs. My gear runs
about 50 lbs (47 if I bivy) but other people in my groups usually have
me sherpa tents up since I have the strength to do so.

I'm not sure what it takes to make a quality testimonial, but I have
worn just about every commercial pack there is on long backpacking or
climbing trips. The only pack I found to carry loads anywhere near as
comfortably as yours. I ran into a guy last summer hauling about 70
in a critical mass II, he had been using the pack for 9 years and said
it was the best pack he has ever worn and the only pack he will ever

Jim Vick


Hi Dan,

I took the pack out this weekend for an overnighter and was very, very pleased. I know you hear it all the time but this was quite literally the first hike where I just enjoyed the terrain and scenery and wasn't constantly struggling to make my pack comfortable. Who knew shoulder pain didn't have to be part of the journey?

Thanks Dan!



Hi Dan, Great speaking earlier.

You asked my which packs I purchased, and they are:

From summer 1997: 0 SARC pack, with the Critical Mass frame and the Alpineer belt, junior ballistic, periwinkle upper, black lower, with silver/blue straps

From winter 1998: Critical Mass Alpine # 1, junior ballistic, navy top, black bottom, silver/black strapping

The packs I purchased from you are still holding up very nicely. Wish I had a story to contribute to your web site how one of your packs helped me fend off a mountain lion attack. Absent that, perhaps I can contribute a story how I spilled peanut butter on the pack, and it came off the fabric when properlry wiped, beautifully.

Would love to get one of your vhs tapes – my wife got that in the divorce…it was the subject of a hotly contested debate – let me know what the cost is and I will send it to you.

Regards, BS


Dan, I love my pack! David Murphy

Dan, me too! Helen Murphy


I just finished 135 miles of the John Muir Trail, California, from Bishop Pass trail to Tuolumne Meadows with the Super-Sarc and V-Zip option. The added volume for the pack was perfect for my expedition model of the Bearicade bear canister which weighed about eight pounds filled with supplies, the heaviest item in my pack. The canister rides horizontal on the two internal pack stays and off my back. I Packed it about 1/3 down the pack bag and it was balanced well for the pack's center of gravity. It was a comfortable ride the entire trip. I noticed other hikers with canisters and gear strapped on the outside, on top ( or swinging!! ) on the bottom of their packs. I was happy for the extra pack volume to handle such a bulky item. For shorter trips I leave the large canister at home and I can zip up the pack bag to a normal volume. Thanks Dan for helping with a successful and pleasurable trip.


I just returned from my adventuring in Gros Morne. I have a picture of the pack in front of the view to Ten Mile Pond that was a complete accident, but looks like an advertisement. I'll send it to you later. The pack you made for me is quite simply, the best I have ever had. Over the course of 7 trail days, I had no issues w/ fit or comfort. The largest load I carried was 40lbs. Thank you so much.

Thanks again for the absolute best backpack,


I bought several packs from you back in the early 90s. I was in the military at the time and also from Indiana.

Saw your spread on the HFH hiker doing the PCT.

Just thought I would let you know that my brother is the director for Habitat For Humanity in Southern China. He has one of your SARC packs that I gave him and he uses it all the time in his travels to remote villages to assess their housing needs.

I have used and travelled with your SARC pack all over the world. The last year I was working as the PM for the Maddox Joile Program in Cambodia, a Wildlife Conservation Law Enforcement Project to stop illegal logging and poaching in the Samlaut Protected Area. Always used my SARC for the jungle patrols. Would not go anywhere without it. IT has taken a severe beating over the last 15 years and is still going strong.



Well I am back from a week on the AT and the 0 SArc performed
fantastically, it was comfortable from the moment I put it on and
that comfort level never changed, I used it in roll top mode and the
lenomesh waterbottle holders were perfect for quick access to drinks.
But the best part has to be those new belt pouches, they are user
friendly and ensured I never really needed to take the pack off,
maybe that is why I covered more distance than I planned to.

As an aside I remain impressed with your commitment to the customer,
i found the whole fitting and purchase process easy and ensured that
there were no surprises when the final pack arrived, what is more
your willingness to speak with me on the phone to go over the finer
points of the pack is well beyond what most outdoor gear suppliers
are willing to do.

Thanks, Roger B

April 22, 2006


Hi Dan. The S-Sarc P & G is amazing. I took 50 lbs. up Granite Mt. in 2:17 on Friday. No strains no pains. When I’m wearing it it’s like I start to doubt it’s 50 pounds, like is my scale wrong or did I take some weight out and forget about it. Then I take it off at the summit and when I lift it again off the ground with my arms it’s like, oh yeah this certainly is 50 lbs. - Thanks much, Eric

Hi Dan,

I received my Subpop/Popcan pack just before X-mas and was very
pleased with the construction and fit. I was finally able to use it
in the field last weekend. I did an overnight backpack to Villager
Peak in the Santa Rosa Mountains of southern California. The pack
performed wonderfully! It was so comfortable that I did not
experience the usual groaning relief every time I doffed the pack at
rest stops-- I didn't need to be relieved, even when I was carrying
six liters of water! I am completely satisfied. Thank you!

Ivan Phillipsen 2/2/05 Below with a Subpop/Popcan - See Customer Gallery also.

Below: An all McHale Packs backpacking family!

One of our favorite Big Daddy Pack shots below: Photo by Mommy. These pics are Pre-UL mid 90s.


I've got this thing about a certain brand of hot sauce... pretty much
anything I cook gets covered in it... it works on everything and it
makes everything better. The S-Sarc P&G you made me recently is now
the hot sauce of my outdoor gear. It took it to Africa for a month
right after you sent it and it handled beautifully, climbing, hiking,
getting tossed on and off planes by baggage trolls, you name it. I've
also managed to squeeze in a couple trips to the Sierra and it
performed flawlessly on both. Heavy loads, light loads, a week in the
backcountry or an afternoon's cragging, it doesn't matter. Daypack?
Sure. Load hauler? No sweat. Light and fast? Yep. Completely
overloaded with a rope and rack and all my son's stuff too? Not a
problem. It works on everything and it makes everything better.
I can't say enough about the quality of workmanship, elegance in
design or amazing versatility of this pack. This product that you made
has taken something I dearly love (goofing off outside and not going to
work) and made it even more enjoyable. Thanks.

-Brad J. E. (10/4/04)

February 3, 2005

Dear Dan,

I’m writing to express my enthusiasm for the SARC you crafted for me in ‘03. Actually, the term “enthusiasm” does not do justice to my affection for this 4 lb masterpiece of design and execution. “True Love” might be a better descriptor.

My SARC has been used to carry loads ranging from the typical summer weekend magnitude to loads that might well have rendered both pack and wearer asunder if carried in one of the off-the-shelf wonders that dominate the current backpacking/climbing scene. But my SARC has easily handled them all, the toughest and most durable lightweight pack I’ve ever owned (and believe me, I have logged much mileage with high-end, mass-marketed packs). More importantly, my considerable experience with the SARC in question convinces me that the pack’s design and quality combine to minimize fatigue and optimize comfort, and not just with heavy loads, but also with the more modest loads associated with a sunny summer weekend excursion.

Karl J. Kaiyala, Ph.D.


Hi Dan,just want to say THANKS again for the great pack, I don't want
to even admit how much I was carrying for a 14 day excursion in the
Willmore Wilderness in Canada. It was heavy, but not painful with the

McHale pack. I'm so happy with it. Sandra H


"I carried more than I should have, but absolutely nothing on planet Earth can carry a load better than a McHale pack. Thank you Dan for making the best packs, and also providing customer service second to none." Joe Rice, Idaho ( 1/28/04)

Just returned from a couple of trips, one to Shasta, the other backpacking in the Gila in New Mexico. The more I use my pack, the more I love my pack. It is the single best gear investment I have ever made. I wish for everyone to own a McHale pack.

Scott M.



Dan: The Subpop is a very comfortable pack. To tell you a funny story, I went up to the Shenandoah, first morning I had 37 lbs. loaded in it, threw it on my back started out before 7 AM, didn't take a break until after 12 Noon. When I went to take it off, I reached down to unbuckle it.....what's this? ......I hadn't fastened the waist belt or chest strap when I started out! I didn't even notice, guess I should of had some more coffee.




The pack performed great for my 4-day trip to the Smokies. I don't know if you have a spot on your site for satisfied customers displaying your packs, but here's a couple if you want them!

- Joe
October, 2001


Hi Dan,

I ordered a pack from you that was delivered back in July. I just wanted to tell you that it is working out great! My husband and I have been travelling since November in South America. The pack has accompanied me on the Torres del Paine circuit, Dientes circuit (Chile), Mt. Fitz Roy Circuit and Nahuel Huapi Trail (Argentina). It's going to do the Inca Trail in Peru next week, and then on into Ecuador. It's the best pack I've ever had. I've had no problems at all, and it's exactly the right size with the right features for what we are doing - thank you so much!

My husband is so impressed with the pack that he is interested in ordering one himself!

Wendy Bell (2005)

Dear People at McHale,

A walk in the SaharaAbout one year ago in December 1999 you produced one of your fine backpacks for me.

I have used this backpack in a long distance marathon in April 2000. Loaded with approx. 20 pounds of food, equipment and water. I ran 145 miles across the Sahara in Northern Africa at tempertures ranging from 45°F at night to 120°F at midday. The terrain was mixed between desert plains with loose gravel, mountain passes with rocks and dunes with sand,sand,sand,sand,sand.....

While most of the competitors suffered from bruises and open skin on the shoulders and back due to their equipment I was one of the few who did not experience any problems what so ever. Most of the competitors had to go through a routine of taping their backs and shoulders in the morning before the start of each leg - I didn't!

Thanks for this great backpack. Whenever I need some new piece of equipment I will have a McHale.

Best wishes from Germany and a happy and succesful year 2001Roland Krüger

Föching, Germany
January 1st, 2001



I just got back from the trip that my MB CM II was built for. Before the trip, I made a few minor adjustments to the stays, and after that no fiddling was necessary. The pack performed above and beyond my expectations. With my old pack, carrying anything above 50 lbs would wreck my shoulders by the end of the day. In contrast, I was able to carry 80+ lbs (3 bear cannisters, camping gear and climbing gear) in the MB CM II for up to 13 hours in heavy brush and through lots of talus without any shoulder pain or collarbone soreness. After living out of the pack for more than 3 weeks, it becomes very clear how well thought out your design is, and the attention to detail is appreciated.

Regards, Yoav 6/24/05












I purchased one of your packs 9 years ago. It has since slogged through South American rain forests, South American Andes including ascents of Chimborazo after the eruption in Ecuador, the tibetan Plateau and Leaping Tiger Gorge, the hill counties of the Golden Triangle in Thailand, Laos, China ( with it's sweltering temperature and voracious leeches ) and even snuck medical supplies into Burmese refugees in the outlawed Shan state as well as the rugged streets of Hanoi Vietnam. Not to mention inumerable hikes here in the southeast USA. I've got more pictures and memories than I originally imagined. I've hung from, been drug in, slept on, stepped on, watched it tumble off a bus into a busy street, Thwarted attempted street theives, even practically swam with my pack on and it's performance has been flawless, never faltering never slipping.

It even carries some of my most precious gear along for some of our trips and my daughters dolls, it's clothes and any stuffed animals for those long weekenders ( as well as all of her hiking gear, bags, well, you get the picture). Thanks for the great pack, a great design. I'm off to Yunan Province in China for another hopefully rewarding medical mission trip with my pack again. I just wish I neede a new one - this one still has another 10 years or more in it. I'll write back then, I guess.

Geoff Martin, MD - Father, Adventurer, Kayaker



A walk in the Sahara"Without a doubt, my McHale pack made climbing Denali more comfortable. The fit stayed consistent with big loads,and the massive volume took the pain out of packing. Because of all the room,I could get a bigger stuff sack for my forty-below sleeping bag and didn't have to struggle with it every morning.

Bombproof contstruction took all the worry out of putting stress on the pack and detailing right down to the waist buckle which could be used with mittens on,made this pack an excellent piece of gear and a pleasure to use."

-Anya Zolotusky
July 31, 2000

A walk in the SaharaAnya Zolotusky on Denali at about 17,000' on the West Buttress just above Washburn's Thumb with Mount Hunter in the background.



Hello Folks,
I say, this will be the last pack I will ever need! My wife says this will be the last pack I will ever get!!! Although we had reservations about spending so much money on an item that will only be used a few weeks a year, we are both impressed by the workmanship. Although my wife remains unconvinced, I am certain this pack is worth every cent I paid for it! I don't know who does your sewing but whoever they are, they sure know their stuff! The sewing is impeccable on both the pack and the 500 cu in pockets which, incidentally, came to 700 cu in by my measurements.The frame fit is absolutely perfect as well. However, I would ask that a belt 2" longer be substituted for the current belt. In heavier winter clothing, I may not get the desired coverage on the forward edge of my hips. 2" more would also leave plenty of room between the belt ends in summer as well, even if I do lose a few pounds.

Is is obvious that you folks take a lot of pride in what you do. It really is an outstanding design and construction job and all delivered quicker than I thought possible.

James E J Hornell
May 6, 1999







Subject: Utah-Az hike. Pack: Super CMII

Dan - I just wanted to let you know that the pack performed wonderfully on my trip. We went about 45 miles over 5 days carrying about 50-60 pounds and I am extremely pleased. Obviously that kind of weight never feels good but I must say that at times I wasn't even aware of the pack.

I had confidence in the pack, it's rock solid and just a wonderful piece of equipment. Its funny how much more stamina you have when you lessen the discomfort and distribute the weight. Between overcompensating for imbalance and stressing out from pack related "pain" I believe the other gear I've had burned up energy needlessly.

NO doubt I'm preaching here to the choir but I just wanted to add my name to what is certainly a long line of satisfied customers. I sort of felt guilty seeing my wife walking around in her ill fitting low performance pack.

Anyway, here's a photo I took of the pack right before I hoisted it up one morning after sleeping at Judd Hollow. In the picture is an old water pump ["Adam's Pump"] which some ranchers carried down to the Paria River in 1936 with the intention of bringing water for their cattle up 700-800 feet to the plateau. It never worked and sits there today, a piece of historic litter. Don't think that this is a catalog quality picture but I wanted you to see the pack sitting there, with me, in the middle of nowhere as it was designed to go.

Marty, Philidelphia, PA



Just a brief report on the special lightweight expedition Super Inex you made for me.  It worked very well.  I did some fourth class rock with it and survived. Everything fit (as you remember, I could not fit my synthetic sleeping bag into any other pack) and was easy to organize and access.  The colors were right (bright), and I did not lose it.  Of course, it is impressively light for its size.  So, thanks again.  We did manage the east summit of Logan by the east ridge.  Fourteen days of high anxiety on the ridge but a spectacular route.
Thanks again,
Michael K. Koerner, M.D.
Semptember 2, 1997


Have done 2 extended trips with the new pack. It's great! First pack I've owned in 30 years of backpacking that doesn't slide off my hips all the time. And by far the most comfortable as well. Love the various tricks like the Bayonet feature.
Jim Childress
Friday, August 25, 2000


 I have carried your pack proudly throughout South America to 17,000 plus feet. And in January of 1996, I left for a four month trip in Eastern and Western Europe. I submitted many and wondrous place. But I am proud to have had an Inex for this travel which included a successful ascent of the north face of the Eiger (1938 route.) So, many thanks for the help in carrying the load and for many successful trips.
Greg Grasso
August 8, 1997




50 year old Peter Vacco just got home from an end to end trek of the Entire length of the Brooks Range in Alaska and the Yukon. Thanks again for a great tool. This trek might be a first - another record for McHale packs. oh boy....will call soon. The ridiculous 70 knot winds on the last day were so strong they ripped off the vent pad and launched it into the Pacific Ocean. Jesus I was pissed/humbled, but I guess sometimes the hills demand a sacrifice. I could never last but a day or two in a gale like that. Overall the trip was great, the caribou and bears awesome, the hills too beautiful to even remember properly. I love Alaska and my Dan pack let me cross it one last time.


 "As a NOLS instructor for 7 years, I've seen a lot of gear come and go. McHale packs are made to last.I also attribute a measure of my success at 8,000 meters to the comfort factor this pack afforded."
 "Summited [Mt. McKinley in Alaska]!!! May 30th, 1993 with my McHale Alpineer pack. Absolutely, a perfect bombproof piece of equipment. It was everything I hoped it would be. Keep it up."
 "Thanks a million for the update on my pack. I brought it to the top of Mt. Rainier this weekend.It performed flawlessly (unlike several of the other packs along). Anyway, great pack. I'm all smiles!"


Hey Dan,

I'm dropping you a line to thank you for being the only one to make a pack that actually carries an enormous load without crippling its wearer. I've been abusing my bayonet extensively since 1995. Major miles with heavy loads have been logged guiding extended backcountry alpine rock climbing trips for Exum Mountain Guides in Jackson. The pack really saved my ass on 2 particular personal trips. After soloing Cho Oyu ( 27,000'), I was able to pack up both of my high camps on the way down, including 2 sets of sleeping bags, tents, stoves, extra food, etc...., which saved me from having to make an extra trip. It's difficult to express how important that was at the time. The other savior was when I soloed Denali, as I flew onto the glacier with 170 lbs. of super light gear. Being able to hump a ridiculous amount of gear with your pack kept the weight on the sled manageable enough to get from camp to camp without having to make multiple carries, which saved days of monotonous glacier slogging. Of all the super fancy high tech gear I own, your pack is the one piece that has reduced the suffer factor the most on exceptionally grueling adventures.

Thanks a million, Brian Prax ( 6/21/03)


 "Just a note to tell you I am very happy with the pack you made me. I have been backpacking for 40 years and am amazed at the difference in comfort and performance between your equipment and that I've used in the past."
 "Just completed the Haute Route and the SARC you made for me worked perfectly."
 "[From base camp at Mt. Everest]Your packs are the best things since plastic boots!"
 "Your pack is fabulous! I've been hiking the Appalachian Trail now for 30+ days. My pack has been the best I've seen so far. The hip belt is a marvel!" 


Thank you and your staff for the Critical Mass Alpine II Bayonet that I received this spring. I have never owned a pack that has performed as well as it. I guess I missed out in the past (never again). I used it so much this summer that I know I got my money's worth. I will probably never wear it out but if I do, I'll be back to buy another one. I guarantee it! I spent 9 days on the Ptarmigan Traverse and it performed the way I wanted it to. I started out with 65 pounds and couldn't have felt more comfortable. The Bayonet System was great for minimizing my pack for short trips from camp. When people ask me what is the best pack on the market, I tell them: "Do what I did." Try on as many packs as you can, find the one you like the best, and then go try on a McHale Pack. There's no doubt that you'll find out that McHale & Company makes the best packs!Never let the equipment reviews judge your packs. Let the people that own them, use them and swear by them do that.
Thanks Again,
Ernie Zeller
November 4, 1997




The story with these two happy McHale customers is; One is not a lot shorter, one is much taller! Jim on the right is 6'10" tall. Jim on the left is actually 5'8" tall. You can sometimes see Jim and Jim on their home page at


 "Thanks for sending the new hip belt so quickly! It's perfect, as is the rest of the pack! I've been "working out" with it, in preparation for one upcoming trip to Alaska. I can't believe how comfortable it is, even with an 80 lb. load (about twice what I hope to carry on our trip!) Thanks for a super product! I've been recommending this pack to anyone who will listen to me!"
 "Just returned from my first trip since getting my pack. I spent 4 days up in the Guadalupes, and had a great time. The pack performed better than I could have imagined. 4 days and 45 pounds, and no discomfort!"
 I just returned from Denali a little while ago. My climbing partners descended at different times. On the descent, I was carrying all my gear that I had double carried up, plus some of their gear. I had well over 100 lbs. on my back. Despite my small body size (120 lbs.) the pack was very stable. I could not have carried that weight down the mountain safely without your pack. I wish you made sleds.
Thanks for a great pack,
Graham Aleg


Dan, Here are a few pics of me on the summit of Mt. Baker with the pack I just got from you a couple of months ago. One of the pics is crossing that crevasse field on the way up. Jumping those 4' crevasses with a 65 lb pack is fun. We camped overnight on the summit! Pack worked great. Thanks, Mike Malone

Dan, ( 4/2/07 )

Well - Matt and I went to the Smoky Mtns for a few days and just got back
last night.

The pack just plain ROCKED! We had a variety of conditions - including
breaking down camp in the rain that would never stop - and hauling wet gear
across whitewater creeks caused by the rain.
We also shortened the packs for a day-hike up to a place called the Chimney
Tops - a pinnacle rock formation - and in all these conditions I noted how
the pack was feeling - and it just felt great!

Thanks again for everything......Randy

A hard act to follow: Dan Mazur, Avante Garde 8,000 meter guide makes the cover of Pacific Northwest Magazine in the Seattle Times wearing his McHale Pack. Click image for blowup. See Dan's services at: