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GREEN NOTICE We now have Green Dyneema X-Grid fabric for another choice in pack fabrics. Click image. We also have Gray Dyneema X-Grid.


For inquires into a new pack please email us at the email address at the bottom of the Ordering Information page in the main menu or below here.


We have added a new body measurement. See the measuring page for item #3

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Phone # 206 533 1479 - Email: dan.mchale@comcast.net

We moved to Shoreline the end of 2002 and closed the Shilshole location. McHale Packs is primarily mail order now but I make appointments only with customers who have already sent a deposit or are buying a pack.

We have a P.O. Box for Video payments, secure pack deposits etc: McHale Packs, PO Box 33672, Seattle WA 98133 - 0672.




The tent photo below is an example of 'no trace' camping. Click photo for larger photo.