P&G Bayonet Panel Loader


Travel, photograpy, backpacking

Average Volume - 3,000 - 5,000 cu. in.

custom volumes available

Harness Type
Bypass P&G yoke and Guide Harness convertable - very versatile

Zipper Access
Panel load

Minimum Pack Weight

4.25 lbs - 4.5 lbs in black wide-dyneema-grid in med/lg size 4,000 cuin. Click image below for blow-up.

Price: $895.00

Non-Bayonet $795.00

With the bayonets out the pack makes a compact yet very comfortable daypack capable of 20-35 lb. loads. Below: For roll-down use, a second smaller panel zip is available. This feature is called Panel/Panel.


Click here or image below for more Panel examples

With sewn Kangaroo Pocket above.

Above: Sample model above is gray 500 Cordura w/630 bottom. Sample below is wide-grid black Dyneema grid with Full Spectra bottom. This is a stock/sale pack. Click images for blow-ups.

Below: Harness side of Stock/Sale Panel P&G

Below: independent compression buckles shown. Rear straps or side straps can be removed leaving the other still functional and double daisy chains can create an emergency closure if zipper fails. For simplicity, all compression straps are removable.

Below: Bear cannisters or other objects can be strapped in place.

Below: The P&G Bayonet system makes thes packs versatile for photography or travel. The pack below is now 21.5" long after being converted from 31". Once the Bayonets are removed, the length of the lower frame is even adjustable - like all new P&G Bayonet packs.

Below: Another view showing compackness.