Fabrics shown below are fabrics used in the construction of McHale Packs. For DIY we have some fabrics we can sell. The prices on some are marked below.


Challenge Fabrics, Challenge Ultra Fabrics - Click links. These are becoming well known and are replacing our use of Full Spectra due to cost. We use 400 weight most commonly in all the colors; midnight blue, black, white, and gray. White can be dyed to various colors. Below; Challenge 100 gray with a dyed white to yellow Challenge 200 rear pocket and dyed white to yellow 400 bottom in a Merke 36.

100 Challenge. This is a nice gray color (above). We have some extra to sell for $40.00/yd. 2 yard minimum. 3 oz weight / yd

200 Challenge. This is also a very nice strong light fabric - so much stronger than the lightest grid fabrics. The gray is a darker gray than the 100 gray and is referred to as 'Gravel'. The is also black and white. The white dyes nicely to various colors.

800 Challenge. This is great for uber durable pack bottomsor rear pockets. Black or white. White can be dyed, but we prefer to use undyed for bottoms. We can do a urthane seal to help keep dirt out or dye the white 800 white.


500 D Cordura nylon: Forest Green, Mallard Green, OD green, camo green, forest green, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Old Navy (silver blue), Purple, Red, Turquoise Teal, Dark Teal, Cobalt, Burgundy, Charcoal Gray, Coyote Brown - color selection subject to inventory on hand. Client may supply fabric and color and we can special order. Customers may supply fabric. We have excess amounts of Red, Olive Drab Green and Coyote brown. $8.00/yd! 2 yd minimum.

Dimension/Polyant VX fabric can be special ordered but we do not currently stock it.

1000 D Cordura Nylon: Forest Green, olive drab, burgundy, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, , Dark Teal, Red, Purple, Charcoal Gray, Black, lime, coyote....... special orders also. $10.00 for DIY

Full Spectra - This is our best fabric for building tough yet reasonably light packs. The fabric is UV resistent ( Ultra Fabrics are also UV resistant ). Keep your pack construction simple and it ends up pretty light. This is a 3.5 oz full spectra weave laminated to a layer 1.5 oz Non-Woven Dyneema Composite for waterproofness, structural stability, and extra strength...... 5.5 oz / yard final weight. Gray and white dyes only. This triples pack base prices. Partial Spectra packs can be made however. Dye colors are gray and white only. For a much more economical pack we are using mostly Challenge fabrics now.

Hybrid Composite Dyneema - We have a number of weights in stock up to the weight of X Grid fabric - mostly about 4 oz/yd. The excess fabric price is $35.00/yd .....2 yd minimum. .

Spectra 'Grid' w 140 high tenacity nylon 3.8 oz/yd - 1/4" grid: Gray color. This is a very nice fabric for the lightest packs. Challenge 100, and 200 are stronger though, and lighter.

Spectra X Grid / 4.8 oz/square yd dark gray. The 6 colors are Powder Blue, Morocan Blue excess DIY price is $20.00/yd - blue only, OD Camo Green, Lime Green, Orange, Dark Gray, Black. There is no extra charge for using X-Grid fabrics in packs.

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400D Grid Black - This is a very nice fabric very similar in weight to 500 cordura ( 6 to 7 oz./yard ) but with a tight smooth finish like X Grid. Like 500 Cordura, it is quite strong even without the white Grid. This is a very nice fabric for slightly heavier than medium weight packs for somebody that does not want to sacrifice durability.

Spectra Grid / 500D Cordura 1/4" grid - black - 7.4 oz/yd -

630 high tenacity fabric: Black, with a slight brownish bear-like tint. Used for non-Spectra extra tough bottoms. 1000D weight yet smooth like 420. - 9 oz/yd

Below: an example of Dyed Full Spectra. All of our Full Spectra Fabrics can be custom dyed........ gray and white only.