SARC accessories

All McHale accessories are extremely well made and meant to last, like the packs, and are generally made to order...with much TLC! Scroll to see entire page




Add map pocket on top for $39.00 Click for image

Hip packs come standard with internal zippered wallet pockets. Click for image

Map Pocket $35.00

Ski, Wand and Water Bottle Holster. Lenomesh optional n/c Click

Tilted bottle position

2-3 oz. each

Left and Right multi-purpose pockets; included with pack purchase - New versions include drawstrings. Will hold 64 oz. Gatorade bottles and most insulated bottles! Included in most pack prices and can swap for bladder systems - can be tilted or mounted high.



Ski Guard Panels

1000 Cordura panels lash under the compression straps for winter use. Protects light fabric. $42.00/pair

Challenge Fabric Shoulder Pads - click


Full Spectra shoulder pads have a very supple non-abrasive feel against bare skin, adjust on clothing without dragging, accentuate the Bypass system, and are rodent proof.

Please scroll Down


$39.00/pair - $25.00 for sides against body only.





Challenge Fabric pack bottoms   Included with pack purchase

Presto Shoulder Pad Pouch


Bear Canister Straps (velcro)

See with 8" circumference folding Binos







Crest Hip-Belt Pouch regular

Crest in use



Crest Large

Crest showing bungy system



Basic Belt Pouch - click


Bungy activated, the Crest can pull away from hipbelt for much easier access - 150 cu in.+

9.5" long on top, 4.25" tall at front, 5" tall at rear 150 cuin. Large is 7.25" tall at rear and fits most point and shoot cameras and small binoculars at the same time. In layer pocket can be used for padding. Very handy - as in fast and effecient. Holds pint or quart bottles if used for that. Large Crest is over 200 cu in. and can hold large SLRs and medium size camcorders easily. Getting cameras in and out is easy also! YKK Uretex zipper is dust and water resistant. Pouches make great hand rests. Basic Hip Belt Pouches: Uretex Zips but with a simpler attachment method and unpadded. Can easily hold most 'point & shoot' digital cameras.

Crest Reg : $52.00 - includes bungy cord adjustment



Crest Large: $59.00

Crest Xlg $65.00

Super Xlg 3+ inch thick $75.00





Basic - $39.00 for short belts

Basic Long $42.00 - 1" longer, for longer hipbelts

Hanging Water Bladder Bags hang on the inside against back from bayonet loops. Can be custom sized for bags larger than 3 liter. $42.00 for triple threat: Hangs inside, on Compression straps, or clips under top pocket, or can hang under lid on same strap buckles that hold lid.

Accessory Pockets

Standard upper Side Pockets

Sold as pairs only.


Fatties $160.00/pair (same length but larger around).

Super 500 + cu.in. side pockets and Super 650+ sides

18 inch long and 22 inch long. Convert to hip packs.

This a great way to add lots of quick access volume to your pack.  These turn into hip packs. These are big! They are a great way to SUPER BUMP the volume of packs for approaches.

$180.00 & $195.00/pair for 650+

Skiers snow shovel pocket

oversize EXP weighs 3.8 oz.

Zippered utility version

Expedition Shovel Utility w/flap (EXP)

Zippered Utility Rear Pocket

On Pack

This is a great catch all pocket for skins, pads, rope, etc.  It comes with a drawstring top. Ask about the zippered pouch version.  This universal pocket can be attached to just about any pack on the market. Choice of 2 or 3 compression straps each side.

EXP coyote 500 cordura


Expedition w flap $125.00 can turn into daypack.


XLG zip Utility - version - up to 16" tall $125.00. Over 16" $145.00


2 layer Summit Flap with zipper access. Replaces fanny pack top - has lower profile. Not a fanny pack.

single layer summit flap


Kangaroo Pockets

This is a good option to have access to chapstick and many small items etc. and cover the pack top. Saves weight.



$98.00 for dyed UPE Kangaroo upgrade.

$125.00 small, medium, large. OK to substitute for fanny pack during purchase

single layer: small, medium, large, $65.00