Windsauk - Bubble Pack Series - Light and large and simple is the theme here. These are really just high volume Sub-Pops for people that have the dicipline to not overload high-volume packs, but just let their gear billow when the food runs out. You can unroll your pad in one of these.

The address header at the top of the page; light_speed is actually the name of one of our light packs from the 1980s. Light packs are not new to us like they are to many UL companies. There were a number of light pack names we have left behind. The 0-Sarc was once the Speed Bump (now we have the Bump). Big Al was short for Big Altitude. The Sarc packs have a history that goes back to the mid 1980s and Scott Fischer was the first to get us started making Spectra packs in the early 1990s. The Spectra came from the same supplier of the Spectra for the original Kelty Cloud Spectra packs. Scott used McHale packs on all of his high altitude ascents.

For Prices please see S-Sarc prices.

With all the new fabrics hitting the market, add-on prices for UHMWPE is in flux. We tend to dye these fabrics and that adds dollars, but the prices are now much lower than during our 'Spectra laminated to DCF' days. DCF is 'CubenFiber' or Non-Woven Dyneema. Base price includes all regular fabrics and Spectra 'Grid' fabrics.


  Circumference profile: 43 / 43 / 43

Above: Harness side of Windsauk P&G - Click images for larger images.

Below: All Sarcs now have adjustable length frames to adjust for fit of different weight loads from season to season and for conversion back and forth with the bayonet and bypass systems.

Below: More Windsauk pics.

Windsauk with vent and lid and removed and without P&G bayonet system.

From the rear showing roll top strap.

Windsauk is named after the Sauk River in Washington State.

The Full Spectra Windsauk above, in a S-Sarc volume of 4600 cu.in.(42/42/42) non-P&G, weighs 2lb., 14oz by putting it in roll-top mode and removing the bladder holder top bag and water pockets. The back pad vent and frame is still there for that weight. The pack could be lighter but the customer requested a double Spectra bottom and redundant reinforcing in places like behind the Daisy Chains. Customer also left the pack white for reflectivity for use in desert environments. Click photos.

The pack to the right is the spectra grid version of the Windsauk P&G and then; the green Windsauk without the P&G Bayonet frame extension is shown. Compared to some UL packs, these feel like a balloon supports them from above! This P&G version can carry up to 50 lbs very nicely and easily( especially relative to frameless packs whos makers claim they can carry 50! ) and then can convert to the simple harness seen on the Green Windsauk. This is a large version of the subpop and the lightest possible large pack to get from us for long trips, and thru-hiking - and I almost forgot - some pretty serious High Altitude climbers! BUBBLE packs; large high volume lightweight load carriers.

Summit Flap Bladder Holders - click

Add features like horizontal daisy chains for more adjustment for water pockets..........add compression straps - see Subpop next page.

Pack shown is 4,700 cu. in. (Volumes are custom - 4,000 is more common) and weighs 3 pounds 1 oz. in what would be considered an XLG size - under 3 for med/large - with back vent attached and summit flap top. This pack would break 3 pounds with slightly lighter yet still adequate stays and easily under 3 lbs for a smaller volume like 4,000 cu.in. .


Accessories can be added: Shovel/utility pockets, ( purchase includes water bottle pockets or bladder bag, and roll-top closure.) Accessories have not been inluded in listed weight. not included in the pack weight

Price: Corresponds to equivalent S-Sarc type packs minus features - This non-P&G version still includes the Q-Bayo frame adjustment.





These are the features you get ( including Summit Flap) - it's a simple pack but carries a load like a real pack. Volume is larger this year with an emphasis on carrying more weight.


Break the scale and add belt pouches! Since they are not sewn to the belt they are far easier to access than any other on the market and filling them does not impede the wrap of the belt - 9" long.